Baltasar Gracián

It is the main range of the winery for the ON-TRADE, restaurants and specialized shops exclusively.

It it is made from the selection, as a result of teh selection of small plots of our hills organized in terraces proceeding from the epoch of the Romans. Vineyards of great altitude, different orientations and exceptional soils of slates and gravels that together with the antiquity of its vines, of traditional appearence in bush , produce vintages of an exquisite quality.

As a result of these vintages we create wines elaborated to transmit and to express our

genuine terroir and the complexity of the Garnacha from Aragon that take in Baltasar Gracián his higher / faithful representation.

Each wine has a completely differentiated style, of unique personalities. Though all of them have jointly the elegance, structure, roundness and body of its coupages.

This brand takes his name of the most important writer of the seventeenth century, Baltasar Gracián, who was born in Belmonte de Gracián (at 8 km. from Miedes) over 400 years ago.

Intense aromas of white flowers and tropical fruits. Balanced, pleasant, elegant, smooth and fresh to the palate.

Strawberry pink colour. Clean, fresh and fruity. Very intense aromas, especially raspberry and strawberry.

A young cherry coloured, elegant, structured wine of intense varietal bouquets. Rich in suggestive sensations.

Fruits of the forest and red fruit bouquets with mineral balsamic tones wrapped in a touch of pure wood.

An elegant wine of limited Edition, with only 2600 bot. of production, all of them numbered. Made of old Garnacha proceeding from an exquisite manual selection of the grapes, a very special elaboration, as a result of a lot of years of tests and an aging in barrels and foudres bought specially for this project.

A mixture of fruity aromas and delicately spiced bouquets of vanilla and liquorice. Toasted aromas coming from its ageing.

A full range of ripe fruit, spicy and mineral aromas and coffee flavours ubfolds pleasantly on the palate.

Wine of late harvest proceeding from our high and cold vineyards. A fresh wine of a sweetness and delicate acidity.

Semisparkling wine of cristalline pale strawberry color. Fresh and intense fruity flavours. Very slightly sweet taste.