Belén, the expert of the vineyard!

Belen Diez, the agricultural technician in Bodegas San Alejandro working  in the vineyard

Hi!! I'm Ana Belén Díez Martínez, head of the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Technical Advisor of Plant Health of Bodegas San Alejandro.

I was born in Calatayud and studied Agricultural Engineering at La Almunia de Doña Godina (Zaragoza). I completed my studies with a postgraduate degree in Plant Protection later on.I have always been dedicated to the food industry especially in laboratories of wineries and vineyards control.

I joined the great team of Bodegas San Alejandro 5 years ago, and it seems like only yesterday because here no two days are alike, the constant evolution always brings new things that continue encouraging us.

My contribution to this blog will be to speak about Viticulture: tillage, pruning types, types of grape varieties, growth stages, soil types, etc., so that, you may be fully aware about our flagship product "The Wine" from its origin “The Field”


Belén Díez.