April: time for coupages and the first leaves

Barrel of Bodegas San Alejandro

Spring in winery still make us to think in harvest and vilifications 2013 that arrives late, healthy and ripe which has resulted in a few delays malolactic fermentations that still make us to be attentive to these reactions.

With whites and roses already bottled now is time of the latest youngs red blends 2013 and firsts bottlings. We are focus right now in the reaction of these bottlings because are going to help us to define a vintage which we have high expectations.

And also is the time to racking barrels and blend next Old Vines 2012, which will have it ready in September and in which we put all our attention, passion and knowledge to reach Baltasar Gracián Garnacha Old Vines 2011 and his grand gold medal in Grenaches du Monde.

We can’t forget the vineyard , mostly already emerged, the risk of the last cold temperatures may affect a vintage that begins in the right time in cycle and less rains than expected.  Conditions seems 2011, a vintage that we are enjoying right now in splendor.


Juanvi Alcañiz.