Who drinks our wine?

Bodegas San Alejandro exports more than 95% of its wine production

Good morning to all of you!

I have already spoken to you about a trade fair this month, Alimentaria, so I have thought that we shouldalready get usinto the exports world with some general information to begin.

Because, in addition, we have reasons to celebrate it!!:o)

As some of you already know, at Bodegas San Alejandro we export more than 95 % of our production, and the D.O. Calatayud to which we belong to, almost 90 %, so, in this subject we might say that we have an A.

And if we speak about general figures we must know that the sales of the Aragonese wines abroad have increased in 16,62 % this last year 2013. Whereas the increase in the domestic market has been 5,25 %only. That is to say, the Aragonese wines are increasingly defendants on the external markets. Being our better clients in order of importance: United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Canada and China.

The exports of Aragon represent 4,27 % of the total of Spain. And better still, the average price of the Aragonese exported wine has increased in 11,23 %, 40 % over the national average, as consequence of exporting less in bulk and more in D.O.

So the consumption of the Aragonese wines isin fashion more than ever beyond our borders. Are you sure you want to miss them?? ;o)


Yolanda Díaz.