Las Rocas

This range was released to the market in the year 2003 for the first time to approach exclusively the American market, being 2001 the first vintage of these wines.

It was in 2007 when the launch was done worldwide being able to find these wines nowadays on European, Asian markets etc.

From its launch the wines always have reached punctuations between 90 to 94 points Robert Parker.

The brand Las Rocas de San Alejandro is related to the type of soil where there are the vineyards selected for these wines. Zones of great altitude with many ROCKS proceeding from the mountains.

There have been very good references on these wines but we would emphasize two:

  • 1.-This may be the greatest discovery of my 25 years career! (The Wine Advocate 147 Robert M. Parker)
  • 2.- It is undeniably the greatest value from Europe I have tasted in 25 years. (The Wine Advocate 152 Robert M. Parker)

They are wines of great structure and tanicity, very fruity and mineral.

Full flavored spicy wine with a supple mineral texture and no hard edges. Medium to full bodied, fruit driven wine.

Fruits of the forest and mineral bouquets. Perfume of spices, kirsch and blueberry. Nice complexity and concentration.