Our commitments

The great quality of the wines of Bodegas San Alejandro is the result of our commitment to the land, the animals and plants. We are meticulously careful with all the elements involved in the creation of a good wine, from the first tasks in the vineyards until the wine is shared on the table. We are aware of the important role played by these factors; therefore, our commitment to the protection of the environment and the sustainability of our surroundings are a priority.

For Bodegas San Alejandro care and respect for the environment is an attitude that is reflected in all the areas of its activity.

We are aware that we work under the desires of nature and its whims. This is why our commitment centers on several actions which promote balanced, sustainable and rational viticulture such as:

  • Promoting native varieties of the land, such as Grenache.
  • Increasing environmentally friendly techniques, which prevent erosion and the wearing of the land.
  • Sustainable exploitation of our natural resources such as water
  • Commitment to less intervention in processes
  • Participation in organizations that manage packaging recovery and recycling

At Bodegas San Alejandro we consider wine to be part of our cultural heritage; this is why we are committed to its dissemination by supporting cultural initiatives aimed at deepening knowledge of the techniques of cultivation, elaboration and tasting, thus making the wine culture living, open and participative culture.

With Baltasar Gracián, our ambassador par excellence we carry out different cultural activities such as the dissemination of his work through reading workshops, exhibitions by itinerant artists, concerts, etc.

Bodegas San Alejandro is also closely linked to the gastronomic culture of the zone. We promote the consumption of local, district or even territorial products; we participate in initiatives such as "Pon Aragón en tu Mesa" fomenting the agrofood products of Aragon through educational and promotional actions, using them in our own cuisine for your enjoyment in our restaurant or in our cooking workshops.

Bodegas San Alejandro is another active instrument of communication and cultural education.

Our winery maintains the strictest traceability standards.

We realize rigorous control which starts in the vineyard and continues in the reception of the grapes at the winery. It continues with its elaboration and aging, and finalizes with the phases of bottling, storage and commercialization.

The elaboration of the wine is comprised of small stories; thus, it is essential to take meticulous care with the smallest details.

Since March 2009, we have been certified in several Quality Standards that assure that our elaboration and bottling processes fulfil the most demanding standards of food quality and safety with the Highest Rating (A):

  • (BRC) British Retail Consortium.
  • International Food Standard (IFS)
  • ISO 22000:2005 Standard
  • Commitment to Quality in Tourism (SCTE Good Practices)

It is a great satisfaction for Bodegas San Alejandro to know that the work we carry out as a team is recognized by these strict protocols as a job well done.

At Bodegas San Alejandro we actively promote the dissemination of the benefits of the responsible and moderate consumption of wine along with its healthful qualities as an additional element of our nutrition.

We form a part of movements such as Wine in Moderation, an initiative of the European vitiviniculture sector whose aim is to promote moderation and responsibility in the consumption of wine and contribute to the prevention of excessive or improper consumption of alcoholic beverages in Europe.

Or such as Slow Food, which is an ecogastronomy association to counter fast food and fast life, prevent the disappearance of local gastronomic traditions and combat the lack of interest in nutrition, developing food education programmes.

Through our social networks, our website, our blog and all the channels that are at our disposal, we carry out the task of dissemination of these initiatives which we consider to be essential.

Because wine is HEALTH; it provides vitamins, minerals and oligoelements, it contains iron and aids in its absorption, facilitates digestion, possesses anti-oxidation properties, and it is good for the heart…because wine is LIFE.