Terroir is the unique taste of a specific place as shown in a wine. It is the magic of the site, its geography, geology, climate. In BSA we love to call it "a sense of place”.

And this is the secret behind our vineyards, one of the highest ones in Spain situated between 700 and 1100 m and which possess natural conditions of absolute privilege.

Of extreme conditions very suitable for obtaining a unique harvest. Caused to a great extent by the amazing altitude, where a beautiful aeration exists and a contrast of temperatures very healthy is generated between day and night. Where the very poor in nutrients slopes soils and with little access to water regulate, in a natural way, our productions of very low yield. Where the harvests are the latest even from the whole Europe.

Where the antiquity of our vineyards collaborate as another factor more to determining concentrations of aromas, color and unattainable flavors.

Where the Garnacha is the queen in its perfect habitat that grants as a result a wine that feeds all of our senses and transcends expectations.


Garnacha is the main protagonist of our wines. Also known as Grenache in France and America. It is said that it originally came from the Ebro valley.

Its contribution of body, fruitiness, flavour to ripe fruit and fleshiness allows us the elaboration of monovarietals wines, especially from the old vines, which are surprising for their great concentration and complexity and that make it also the ideal complement for making balanced blends.

The most typical red variety from Spain, known in other regions by the name of Cencibel, Tinto de Toro, Tinto Fino, Tinto del País.

A high-quality, early-maturing variety that produces a medium size bunch that is compact and even, the grapes of which have a medium-thick skin and colourless juice.

A white variety that owes its name to the Biblical tribe of the Macabeo and that seems to be native of the Ebro River valley. In other regions, it receives the name of Viura.

Late blooming and with a short harvest period.

Its bunch is compact, large and greenish-yellow in colour, with a colourless juice balanced in sugar and body.

It is also known as Shiraz. A red variety originally from the Ródano Valley that offers excellent results in areas that receive a lot of sun with high temperatures.

Although it adapts perfectly to cold climates as our, thereby producing somewhat more elegant and aromatic wines.

Its bunch is medium-sized and cylindrical, with bluish coloured grapes that have a medium-thick skin and juicy pulp.

A red variety coming from the Bordelese region of France, it is vigorous and well-adapted to our production area, given that it requires cool land.

It buds early, with medium sized, cylindrical bunches and blackish-blue grapes that have a thick skin.

It produces aromatic wines.

A red variety of French origin whose ease of adaptation and yield in this region is linked to the skill and technology of this vineyard.

It is characterised by its colour, its strong tannins and its sharp acidity. It blends wonderfully with other red varieties.